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SpiritKids Sports is recreational sports program offering gymnastics, dance and cheerleading, Growing up as a dancer, turned gymnast, turned cheerleader my experiences prepared me to share these wonderful sports with kids of all ages. SpiritKids Sports is the product of my experience, a business marketing degree and a passion for teaching children. My training as competitive gymnast inspired me to teach gymnastics and cheer at a recreational level.

SpiritKids Sports offers everyone the opportunity to experience gymnastics, dance and cheer in an affordable, relaxed, fun, non-competitive environment. Kids will gain confidence as they show off their achievements at our various performance opportunities throughout the year. Gymnastics/tumbling, dance and cheerleading are excellent sports for building strength, coordination, and flexibility while developing body awareness; the foundation of any successful athlete. Our goal is to help children build self-esteem, have fun and to instill positive attitudes that will set the pace for their future athletic development through gymnastics, dance and cheerleading.

SpiritKids Sports offers something for children of all ages: gymnastics, tumbling, dance and cheer classes and summer camps, enrichment programs, birthday parties, and private lessons. Classes and camps are offered at recreation centers and elementary schools throughout San Diego. Our coaches are available for you child’s birthday party too! Please see our schedule page for a listing of program times and locations. We are always looking to grow so contact us if you would like to see our program in your area. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me anytime!

Kim Moser

Hourglass Recreation Center
10440 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92126
Directions: Exit Interstate 15 at Carroll Canyon Rd. West. Turn Right at Black Mountain Rd. Turn into second driveway after Gold Coast. There are two parking options. (1) Turn left into parking lot immediately after entering driveway or follow driveway down to pool and turn right.

Scripps Ranch Recreation Center
11454 Blue Cypress Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92131

Directions: Exit Interstate 15 at Scripps Poway Pkway. East. Turn right at Cypress Canyon Rd. Turn Right at Blue Cypress Dr. Turn into first driveway on the right. Turn right in parking lot.

11285 Pepperview Ter. San Diego, CA 92131

Directions: Exit Interstate 15 at Scripps Poway Parkway. East. Turn right at Cypress Canyon Rd. Turn right at Cypress Valley Rd. Turn right at Pepperview Terrace. Studio will be on the right.

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